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The Rusca Gardens

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Take a stroll through the picturesque gardens, which are highlighted by seasonal flowers and trees.  

The Rusca House gardens were started shortly after the house was restored.  The gardens located around the house were planted inwpe2.jpg (50693 bytes) 2000.  The gardens contain azaleas, tulips, pansies, dogwoods and watermelon colored crepe myrtles.  In 2003, the property located to the east of The Rusca House was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor.  Stella Rusca Reinsch had previously resided in a house located on the property.  The house was moved in the 1970s and was used by Mrs. Henry as a garden.  The garden remained wpe3E.jpg (34109 bytes)vacant for several years.  In September 2003, the property was completely transformed into a splendid garden, with brick walkways, wrought iron benches and a beautiful eight foot fountain.  The designer for the gardens was Mr. Tod Working, the owner of the Judge Porter Bed and Breakfast and a friend of Payne and Bridget Williams, the owners of The Rusca House.  The greatest influence for the gardens was Payne Williams' mother, Sara Nell Williams, who planted gardens at the Williams' home during his childhood in Natchitoches.    


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